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4 happy, healthy women"The first important step is education… The second step on the road to good health is taking action… While the medical community can conduct research, and provide recommendations and guidelines on health-promoting behaviors, the ultimate responsibility for embarking on the road to a healthier and more hopeful life rests with you."

Excerpt from the American Medical Women’s Association: The Women's Complete Healthbook, written entirely by women physicians and other medical professionals.

Women's Health Task Force

A project of the National Council of Women's Organizations, The Women's Health Task force supports the work of NCWO member organizations to advance women's health and to promote NCWO's healthcare policy agenda. We also seek to provide a place where women can find accurate and easy-to-understand preventive health information.

NCWO Featured Programs

Check out HealthyWomen’s New Family Health & Wellness Guide

HealthyWomen’s new Family Health & Wellness Guide provides insights and information on everything from first aid to medication safety to preventive health screenings and caring for aging parents. With women regularly tasked with taking care of the entire family’s health in addition to their own, this guide provides a central resource where answers to questions that arise throughout life’s ages and stages are easily accessible. The guide is broken down by age groups. For a full listing of content and resources, check out the guide.

'STI Awareness Month' is Over, But ASHA Materials Are Valuable Year Round

Most people think they would know if they had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) . . . wrong!

What's Inside

NCWO affiliates show how new health reform law impacts women

Check out our Advocacy section to see what NCWO and a number of our affiliates are saying and doing regarding the Affordable Care Act and Contraceptive Equity.

Check out the 'Health Resources' section of this site

The Health Resources section is intended to provide reliable, accurate information on health prevention and wellness generally. It includes information we have found to be particularly helpful on a variety of health issues. You can access it on the toolbar above or by clicking the hotlink that starts the sentence.

Special Thanks

The task force thanks Qiagen; Hologic; Sanofi Aventis; Bayer Women's Health and the Office on Women's Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for their generous support.